Installing PGFoto

  1. What do I need to install PGFoto?
    First of all you'll need a web server Apache with mod_rewrite, PHP 5.0 or newer and database for example MySQL. At the moment PGFoto was tested only with MySQL.

To install PGFoto photo gallery

  1. Copy everything from the archive except this file and _docs directory to you web server.
  2. Import pgfoto.sql file from _docs directory into your MySQL database.
  3. Now edit config.php file. You have to change only the values in 32 and 33 lines: Database username and password; and 67, 68 lines: your page URL and your Google Maps API code (get it at Google Maps API signup page)
  4. Now it should be possible to log in to your PGFoto via web interface. Adress to login:

If you want to change the password, just edit users table in DB. Passwords are coded with sha256 algorythm. Just edit and use sha.php script in _docs folder to get the code to write into the password field.

Using photo gallery

  1. How to make photos for PGFoto?
    First of all, you need a digital camera. Secondly GPS receiver and some device that will log it's output. It may be laptop with some program (e.g. Franson GpsGate 2.0), palmtop, mobile phone or special device calleg GPS logger. Now, before making your photos start logging GPS output. Everything you'll need to make a beautiful gallery as a GPS log and of course photos.
  2. I have photos and GPS log file, what's next?
    Now you create a new album in PGFoto, upload your photos, upload gps file(s).
  3. Photos are not in their places. Why?
    If you've taken photos not in UTC+0 time zone your GPS device will probably show different time than that set in the camera. What is more, clock in camera is often set not very pricisely, so it may "lie" a little bit. Coordinates of photos are calculated using the timestamps from GPS log and exif header of photos, so the clocks of used devices should be synchronised.
  4. Photos are not in their places. What to do?
    Select one of the photos from the gallery. Perfectly it should be the photo taken while moving, so there will be only one point in GPS log exactly matching the photo. In the photos page select "Align GPS data by this photo" point in Admin menu. Now, drag the marker to the place where the photo was taken and press "Move this photo position here" in the bubble. That's all.